Carbon Tuttle Mast Adapter


Use your Tuttle foil on a plate with our new adapter. All carbon with titanium reinforcement. Hardware set included.

The New Go Foil Carbon Plate adapter has the most common Standard 90 mm measurement which is a side to side measurement of the holes.

Most plates have adopted this measurement Worldwide. Make sure your tracks are 90 mm apart on your board to accept our Plate adapter. The front and back holes are 165mm apart, front to back.

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1800 Wing Set



  • EZ1800 front foil
  • 70cm V2 mast
  • FT20-L tail
  • Foil & mast covers
  • Foil bag

Dimensions (EZ1600):

  • Wingspan: 40”/ 10.15 cm
  • Wing Chord: 9.5”/ 24 cm
  • Projected Surface Area: 1798 sq cm
  • Weight: 992 g
  • Aspect ratio: 5.7


Front wings are CNC shaped PVC cores with outer skins of 100% carbon with integrated cone construction connected to both top and bottom surfaces. We use an excess amount of fiber on our wings @ 1000gm2 surface fiber loading. All wing tips are solid carbon for maximum durability.