You spoke to us and we listened!
All our components in the 1.5 Generation are interchangeable.
So, you can buy just what you need.


This cutting-edge technology provides the lightest weight construction available today.
You have never felt anything like it!


The ‘Original’ SUP foil company, Go Foil continues to bring new design and technology to the market on a consistent basis.


Meet the foil system that offers simplicity with strength.
Our product is created with quality and performance in mind, without complexity.
Fewer screws, fewer week points, fewer issues.


No out-sourcing exists in our company, we do it all in house so we can have total control over the entire process!


All carbon, all the time, every time…anything less is a compromise.
Our construction is all hi modulus carbon to offer you the stiffest, strongest product at the lightest possible weight.


Front wings are CNC shaped PVC cores with outer skins of 100% carbon (same as the masts) with integrated cone construction connected to both top and bottom surfaces. We use an excess amount of fiber on our wings @ 1000gm2 surface fiber loading. All wing tips are solid carbon for maximum durability.