Go Wing


This wing has a standard round wing outline, and is meant for the every-day rider. It performs great upwind and downwind but especially when “luffing,“ making it ideal for higher wind conditions. The style is powerful while still being easy to control, making it a great all-around wing. This wing does well all-around and will complement any riding style, from cruising to boosting airs.

Our Go Foil Wings have a solid, sturdy construction that keeps them stiff in higher wind conditions to help maintain easy control while riding.

These wings have large leading edges and middle struts to maintain the shape of the wings and minimize flexing. The stiffness of the leading edge and middle strut also helps the wing last longer by diminishing stretch or bend.

Both wings are equipped with strategically placed handles to optimize rider performance and comfortability when handling the wing in different positions.


  • Twin windows
  • Multiple handles plus two diagonal handles and perpendicular handle at the front of the middle strut
  • Top de-power handle and leash attachment
  • Pump attachment loop
  • Two valve system, one valve on leading edge, one on the center strut
  • Wrist leash and separate belt that you can turn into a waist leash by attaching to your wrist leash