Customer Comments

“I would sell my house for a Go Foil, that’s how cool these things are!”

Brett Lickle

Legendary Waterman, Videographer and Inventor

“When I got the chance to go to Maui I was so determined to learn this new sport. With the help of Zane Schweitzer and Keith Baxter I was able to contact Alex. I reach out to him on my quest to fulfill a dream of mine and that he did. Alex took me under his wing showed me how to foil the correct way and the safe way by learning behind a boat and taking baby steps to understand aspects of hydrofoil. It’s an everyday learning process that is never ending and that’s what makes this sport great. Thank you again Alex Aguera and the Go-Foil team for taking the time to share your Mana’o not only with me but with the world”

Sam Pa’e

Blue Planet Team Rider

“I’ve been windsurfing, kite surfing, sup surf and racing. I’ve learned many things from Maui! And now, I got GoFoil from Maui and having so much fun everyday! Small waves, onshore waves . . . no matter! No rest day, fun day everyday!”

SUP Tomo

Becoming "Foil Tomo"!

“Just get one. It will quadruple the available surf days, and it will open your mind to incredible possibilities – like being able to ride breaks that simply cannot be ridden on conventional boards. The quality is exceptional, the design is flawless, and the price is irrelevant when you realise how much more fun you are having. I put the Kai Foil on a 6’6″ for paddle-in, strapless wave riding and … now I cannot think of anything better to do.
I lie awake, excited about the next session, to try something new on the foil, or to try a new spot that’s never been ridden. For me, at 51 years old, I have never been so stoked and never felt so much energy and passion for something. Foiling IS surfing – and like flying (almost 2 feet above the water) with the feel of deep powder beneath the feet – but probably around 3 times faster than any surfboard can travel. Get into it, it is the future!”

JJ White

Hydrofoil Surfing Australia

“Wow, Go Foil has changed the face of surfing and stand-up paddle boarding forever, redefining what you thought was possible. Best day ever . . . Go Foil forever!”

Flash Austin

Shredder Kiter, Surfer, and Foiler

“I had seen Kai and others doing it here on Maui last year, but I thought: ‘I haven’t even mastered kite foiling yet, I should wait’. But a couple of months ago, I heard Dave Kalama tried it couple times and went straight to the bank to get the money for it. A couple of days after that, I saw him at one of the outer reef breaks and he took off on one of the waves to ride that thing all the way to the beach where we paddled out, which is about 15 min paddle. We couldn’t even see him, it was so far (it was actually a 2 min, 45 sec ride)! It was my turn to go straight to Alex after that session and put my name on the waiting list to buy one.”

Tomoko Okazaki

All-Around Waterwoman

“I am so hooked! This is the most fun thing I’ve ever done! I’ve been surfing for 50 years, have shortboarded, longboarded, windsurfed, kitesurfed, standuppaddle surfed, and loved them all, but foiling on a SUP is the best – such a rush!

I knew it would be fun to skim above the water, but had no idea of how efficient and fast the foil is! At the end of the ride you look back and it’s totally amazing how far you’ve gone! And it’s fun on windy choppy days, crummy little waves, any time! My favorite thing is how it connects waves through flat sections – it’s absolutely magical!

Many thanks for developing this super product, Alex – Go Foils rule!”

Jerry Rodriguez

Go Foiling Addict, Maui

“I’ve ridden Go Foil products from the beginning. They offer the best quality, innovation and customer service available on the planet. Simply the best. Go Foil – The Original!”

Scot Mackie

Foiler, Kiter, Windsurfer, Former Pro Ski Racer

“I’ve been waiting for years for someone to make a foil I could use with a shortboard and SUP. Finally Go Foil did it. I’m so hooked, it’s all I wanna do. Feels like flying weightless over the water in total silence. Small, windy, lumpy – doesn’t matter, it’s all smooth!”

Mahalo, Go Foil!

Jim Winniman

Author, The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles

“Your fun factor goes through the roof when you are up and riding! As hesitant as I was at first to try it, seeing all my friends laugh, smile, and be super stoked hooked me. Who would have thought that a simple 2 foot wave would scare you! Everyone who I’ve spoken to and foil with are awesome. Surrounding yourself among those types of helps the learning curve be that more fun and enjoyable. Do it! Get a GoFoil and enjoy the rush, enjoy the ride.”

Chris Pagdilao

Team Fun Member