The decision of which tail foil to choose ultimately boils down to personal preference. For riders seeking stability, the longtail option is often favored, while those desiring enhanced carving capabilities may opt for a short tail. Our expansive selection of tail foils encompasses a wide range of sizes and styles, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your specific riding needs!

When it comes to tail size and lift, the larger tail will result in greater lift, whereas a smaller tail will result in less lift. Additionally, even minor adjustments during the foiling process can yield significant differences. Therefore, if you desire just a slight change in lift, it is advisable to alter your tail foil.


    FTL (Fixed Tail Long): The FTL extends the gap between your front and tail foils, thereby elongating your fuselage. These FTLs provide superior stability with pitch control to regulate your vertical movement.


    FTS (Fixed Tail Short): The FTS has a shortened pedestal, creating a shorter fuselage. The FTSs excel at carving, providing a remarkably loose feel and the ability to make quick, sharp turns.


    The Race tail is specifically engineered to optimize downwind speed. Constructed entirely from high modulus carbon, the wing can be customized to meet personal specifications.


If you're uncertain about which tail to select, we have a helpful table below that will assist you in finding the perfect tail to match your front foil!