We collaborated with renowned waterman, Dave Kalama, to design the exceptional Kalama Performace x Go Foil 8'0" Barracuda. This versatile board is a must-have for your collection, serving as both a high-performance downwind foil board and a reliable light wind winging board.


  • RIDE

    Discover our RIDE quiver featuring 8 diverse board sizes that cater to riders of all levels and sizes. As a beginner winger, we advise starting with the larger boards and gradually transitioning to the smaller, more responsive options as you improve your skills. Looking for a board for towing? Give the 3'11" or 4'4" a try!

    AVAILABLE SIZES: 6'0"5'6" 5'0"4'10 4'9" 4'4"4'3 3'11"


To optimize strength, we incorporate carbon 45 into a select range of our RIDE boards. Carbon 45

utilizes carbon fibers intersecting at a 45 degree angle instead of the typical 90 degree pattern. This

unique fiber overlay effectively doubles the amount of fibers needed to break a board in half, resulting

in superior strength.

AVAIABLE SIZES: 5'0"4'10 4'9" 4'4"4'3 3'11"

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